Sunday, March 27, 2011

Springing Forward...

Our time in Japan keeps flying by... 
Spring is officially here, the Vernal Equinox happened on March 20th and in Japan it was a National Holiday. 
The Cherry Blossoms are still not at their peak, but should be soon within the next 2 weeks or so. 
We are still very much safe and have no worries of radiation poisoning. We have plenty of bottled water supplies in stock (just in case) to ease our parents' minds. 
Bilroy had his teeth cleaned, or as I call it, "Dental Surgery". 
Due to the anesthesia he was quite out of it for 24+ hours;
 I was a little worried since he was panting for such a long time, but Dr. P checked him out and said he was OK so I relaxed and instead chuckled at this face,
Adriana's new toy arrived. It is called a Jumperoo and it rocks! 
Not only does she love it, but we love it too since it allows us some very well deserved free time ; )
She also has a new habit of yanking at my hair, 
which I do NOT love so much.
In honor of St. Patrick's Day and Grandpa Steve's Birthday, 
Adriana sported some green.
We gave Adriana her first taste of "solid" foods by starting with some rice cereal. She spit out most of it which means she is not quite ready, but it is good to get her used to the idea, and it makes for a cute picture which is most important.
She also has taken a liking to sitting on P's shoulders.
Dr. P got a new walking stick with a pewter duck head (thanks Gilt)
It is very fancy and makes him look very dapper.
Bilroy  got to test out the doggie basket on the stroller.
That is it for now, we miss you al!
<3 N 
(& P, & A & B)