Monday, December 13, 2010

Dirty Engrish

The following post is dedicated to found, seemingly innocuous Japanese retail items that we thought were hilarious.   
This may not be for everyone, but don't worry, 
adorable photos of Adriana making goofy faces and wearing adorable onesies are soon to come.  
For the meantime, enjoy:

For when your morning OJ just doesn't have that rare Cheesy kick you need.

Just like most Reds fans since 1990.

Apparently subtlety is lost on the Japanese.

Hey man, if you really, and I mean REALLY, want to rock out on the Karaoke stage're gonna want to have this $8 can of voice enhancer.

So, what are you going as for Halloween?
-Well, I can't decide between tits and faucet crotch.
Well, my mom is making me go as gay goose ballerina, so you got off lucky.

One melon float please, and I'd like ice of the triple with that.

Not exclusively Japanese, but incredibly accurate.

How do you take your coffee?
-Like the night janitor who cleans the girls locker room, 
extra slowly.

In Japan, condoms come in 4 sizes:
 M (not pictured), L, XL, and Horse. 

This is a water/tea container. 
Get your mind out of the gutter, ladies.

Until they OD on propofol.


Dr. P

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Labor Story...

This is our official last family portrait before the birth,

Adriana Emilia Alberico finally graced us with her presence at 5:08 PM 
on November 14th, 2010.
She weighed 7 Lbs., 7 Oz. 
Here is how it all went down...
When her due date, November 1oth came and went, I started to get frustrated since I hate when things are late but after a lot of long walks/hikes/sightseeing, she finally decided to show up on her own time on Sunday, November 14th 
(4 days late). 
Sunday morning I awoke at 4AM with some noticeable contractions which I started timing. Around 5:30 AM when I realized this was it, I woke up Paul and he agreed I was in the stages of early labor. He roused me out of bed and suggested I take a bath which definitely helped with my contractions which got stronger each time. After my bath I went back upstairs to bed since Dr. P assumed it would be a LONG day, but as soon as I laid down, POP, my water broke! I was hysterically laughing since it was very unexpected but thankfully I still had my towel and howled for Paul. This was all around 7 AM and from then on we gathered all my stuff and headed to the hospital.
We got to the hospital quickly (by 7:30 AM) where they confirmed what we already knew, I was in labor! 
The contractions were intense, much more than I had imagined so by 10:30 I threw my no drugs birth plan out the window and asked for an Epidural; I now owe Paul $5. 
The Epidural did its job and I took a much-needed 2 hour nap. 
When I awoke around noon, Paul and my Parents brought me some lunch (Grilled Cheese Sandwich & White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie).
(Yikes, look at that hair!)
The contractions continued but I was progressing slowly so we started Pitocin to get things moving since my water had already broken. 
By 3PM-4PM, I had progressed fast enough that we could start pushing. 
I was moved to the delivery table around 4:30 or so and by 5:08 PM we had a baby!
It was hardly a silent birth so I owe Paul another $5. 
Man, that was intense and when Dr. Kubota asked if I was ready for another, 
I quickly said NO!
She was very purple when she came out but got her color quickly. 
It was a packed labor deck so I had to share a room, which was not ideal but it all worked out and I only ended up staying 2 days, instead of the standard 3 in the hospital.
Dr. P showed me how to change a diaper. 
& She made the baby Wall O' Babies.
Look at that Precious Mug,
When we got home, Bilroy got to meet his new BFF 
(he just hasn't realized it yet).
Thankfully Jose had given him a bath so he was sparkling clean. 
Of course Mom & Dad cannot get enough of the baby:
& neither can we,
On Friday we went for her follow up Dr. appointment, where we were both given a clean bill of health.
Now for a few of our favorite pictures from week 1,
Here she is looking like her dad,
Mom believes a red string get rid on the forehead gets rid of hiccups, 
not sure if it works but makes for a cute picture.
1st Bath at Home,
We are so happy to have her home,
and enjoying every minute. 
She sleeps like an angel.

<3 N & P