Thursday, August 26, 2010

The first week has been one of transition
and getting things done!

We are staying at our temporary housing (Monzen Lodge) which is small but comfortable. Bilroy is temporarily staying with a nice family on base since he can't stay at the lodge with us. Here are a few pictures of the Iwakuni MCAS Marine base from the "Freedom Bridge"...

We went house hunting which was quite the adventure due to the language barrier and our request for a 3 bedroom home.  Of the 10 Offices we went to, only ONE had anything to offer: One house and one apartment. Needless to say we went with the house. We Move in next Thursday, September 2nd.

I have been trying to visit boy as much as possible but while he is fairly close it is really hot outside with me being miso prego, I can only take the heat for so long and we still don't have a car.

On Wednesday night we went out to dinner into downtown Iwakuni with Jessica, Lauren & Malcolm.  There are hundreds of restaurants downtown, and we picked one at random.  The dining options were interesting...

Yes that is raw HORSE meat, & fried WHALE. Thankfully they also had other options which were less adventurous and very delicious.
(Just a Sardine)
In town we found some cool signs, looks at this:

& My Favorite...
We also found my new favorite place,
Where the had some sweet offerings which we took home.
Needless to say, I WILL be back. 
Yes that is a tiny ice pack to keep my little cakes nice and cool.
& the cookies certainly put a smile on my face.

Today (Thursday) we got a lot accomplished.
We started the paper work process for the house and had to open a Japanese bank account at Yamaguchi Bank.
At the bank we found this guy who has been our favorite dressed so far:

Crocs are very popular in Japan, but he took it to another level with the Sesame Street embelishments. Also notice the sharp Lego fanny pack & man purse.
In order to continue being productive, we bought a car!!!
We went with the ultra-chic J-car.
It is a Honda Spike and is super roomy inside.

We can't actually pick it up until next week since we won't get our drivers licenses until next Monday or Tuesday. Also we still are not sure how the whole driving on the left side of the road thing will go but we are optimistic.  Paul passed his driving test...others didn't (yet).

This is Paul signing the papers for the car over a tiny celebratory soda:

That is it for now.


  1. I'm jealous of how efficient Japan is compared to Sicily. It took me a month to find a place to live and find a decent island beater (the favored term for a not-so-nice car)...glad everything is coming together!

  2. Congrats you 2. I'm impressed with how quickly you are taking care of things.

  3. SO fun!! A house, a car, and shark ALL in one week! SO exciting!!! The horse meat is sad though- Negative on the horse meat.