Sunday, September 5, 2010

Whatch out, we are moving in.

Sorry in the delay in posting all of this but needless to say,
we have been very busy.

First we will start with some some shopping
and a lesson in Engrish.

Our favorite store is called You Me Town and it is part Department Store and part Grocery Store. There is lots to look at and play with.

Like this display which will teach you to be a sexy girl:

Or maybe this interesting toothbrush set, uhm no thanks:

Or maybe a new oulfit for our funky & qutie baby Adriana:

Or some dietery supplements like Jesus/Jedus Body:

But of course my favorite shopping always involves food.

Soy Sauce Isle
Fried Food Section
Boy Treats
Franzia in a Bottle!!! It's # 1.
& Tiny Beer

We have also continued to enjoyed the dining options.

& our dining buddies, Lauren & Jessica.

Now on to our new house

Here is Dr. P Singing the Lease
& our deposit of $607,000 Yen (ouch).

Touring the Empty House Pre Moving Day:

Moving Day:

Dr. P Putting Together our New IKEA Bed (He Did a Great Job):

 & Also with the Kitchen Cart for the Dishwasher...

Welcome to Casa Albericosan...

The Landscaping is a work in progress.

This is Boy's Patch of Grass.

The Entrance has Storage Cabinets for Shoes & House Slippers
since NO Shoes in Casa Albericosan,
It's in our contract.
The Main Downstairs Hallway, Kitchen/Living Room ahead,
Dining to the Right & Bathroom on left.


This is our Crazy Eye Sore of a Dishwasher
It is still not hooked up and I have no idea how to use it, but it will work!

& I love our fancy Japanese Refridgerator which opens on the left & right:

Living Room

Dining  Room

The Washer & Dryer is also another it will work situation;
since it did not quite fit, they made it fit...sideways.
It is located in our washroom,
Which is next to the shower/tub room,
& then our warming toilet with sink & Hello Kitty TP.

 Now Upstairs...


Guest Room

Baby Room
Very much a work in progress...

I am missing the changing table/dresser (coming soon)
& the crib which will take 3-6 months to get here!

I am missing pictures of my office, but only because it is a hot mess (literally)...

My winter closet is ready though which is not really needed considering it is hotter than hades here.

Dr. P climbed Mt. Fuji on Saturday, he loved it and the altitude was his only complaint.
He will be gone for 2 weeks curing Marines as they injure themselves. I am here by myself but thankfully have Bilroy (& Adriana) to keep me company.
I had one check-up since I have been here, all is good in prego land.
I still need to go visit Dr. Soji the Japanese doctor that will be delivering me here in Iwakuni. They offer tours of his clinic with a translator so I will be sure to sign up for that first.
Driving on the left hand side of the road is a breeze, you just need to remember "Hiney to the Liney" and you are good to go; I have had only 2 minor encounters, one with a bike and one with a motorcycle but my car is bigger ; )

Next up this week is getting my cable up and running since I am getting tired of DVDs 
and introducing myself to the neighbors. It is customary to bring them a small gift (nothing too big or they feel obligated to buy you something as well); I hear they love American Chocolate, we will see.


<3 Norma, Dr. P, The Boy & Adriana, AKA the Albericosans.


  1. Meej- this whole thing made me laugh, cry, and miss all of you so much!! Everything looks great! I hope you are settling in and feeling well. Pat pat.

  2. impressive job with the decorating. everything looks great. and small. come to sicily to help me after the baby is born. j/k.
    --sara (i'm sorry that my google/blog ID is Dr. P, i'll try to change it)

  3. I cant wait to come home, the house looks great. In addition to climbing Mt Fuji, I have also shot an M16 and a SAW machine gun. Pictures to come!
    -The real Dr. P

  4. 607000 yen! Holy Big Security Deposit!
    The house looks awesome, but I do not understand why you WOULDN'T want male/female toothbrushes.

  5. The house looks great Norms, you did a fantastic job! (love the before and after pics) Miss you all!

    Lots of love,

  6. I have to say, my favorite pic is the one of the nursery w/ that amazing baby blanket in the bouncy chair. ;)